Fisker has had a bad run recently. The electric car manufacturer has had several fiery incidents which led to the question, is Fisker able to produce a safe electric cars? And fire was not the only problem; the Department of Energy denied them access to more than half of a $529 million government loan guarantee. Fisker needed an extra $150 million to bring it back to the market.

Finally, there is good news on the horizon. Fisker managed to raise over $100 million which will see the Atlantic concept enter production. Henrik Fisker said “The latest financing arrangements mark an important milestone for Fisker. We are now poised to invest in the next generation of extended-range battery electric luxury cars and another chapter in the fast-paced expansion of Fisker Automotive, and are demonstrating our commitment to long-term success.”

To even bigger news, Fisker is talking with other car companies about sharing parts and technology. The partnership could form a technology-sharing alliance similar to the one Tesla forged with Toyota Motor Corp. and Daimler AG or it could also be bought by a company that is interested in its plug-in hybrid technology.

Fisker’s new CEO Tony Posawatz and former head of electric vehicles at General Motors Co. also said they are preparing for a public offering of stock that would help it raise money for new vehicles.

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  1. GTSpirit ;

    Once again ( and hopefully for the last time )

    The Fisker ….. like the Chevy VOLT/Vauxhall Ampera

    IS NOT an E/V !

    They Are …… Plug In Extended Range H-Y-B-R-I-D-S


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