The Porsche 959 is one of the most sought after and rare models to ever be pushed out of the German factory in Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart. During the two model years the car was built (1986 & 1989) a total of 300 examples were put onto the road. In 1986, the 959 was the fastest road-legal car on the road – hitting a top speed in excess of 195mph. Unfortunately, the total number is now one less.

Word has come down from local Canadian motor-racing forum MontrealRacing that a white Porsche 959 crashed just outside Montreal along Boulevard du Mont Royal. According to users on MontrealRacing, the driver in question is suggested to have been seen wearing flip-flops. An ill-advised move in any car, let alone one as powerful as the 959.

The car in question had been photographed mere hours before the accident by user Gregster (picture below). This has led to speculation as to whether or not the rear left tire was incorrectly sized. Others have suggested that the tire pressure on the rear left tire appears low which, along with too eager a right foot could have been the cause of the Porsche’s impromptu meeting with the street-side light pole.

Take a look at the pictures and see for yourself. No matter what the cause, seeing a car as rare as the 959 in such a state is always a bad thing.

959 Crash in Montreal

Gregster 959 Aftermath Photo

959 Crash Day Before

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  1. Goes to show you that people well off are not always smart. There’s no excuse: The car was equipped with tire pressure monitors, a new revelation in its day (which should have been checked); its engineered precicely so one should never run wrong-sized tires especially when the other tires are of different size, without expecting major handling anomolies.


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