A brutal Ferrari F430 accident happened last night when a Ferrari F430 lost control on the E42 motorway at high speed. The Ferrari slammed into a lamp post, hit the central reservation and split into two pieces up to the cockpit. It’s one of the worst accidents we’ve seen recently and unfortunately, both driver and passenger died.

The accident happened at around 9pm last night between Francorchamps and Sart. The occupants were probably leaving Spa Francorchamps after a day of racing. We’re told that the fifteen year old passenger was the son of the driver’s colleague who asked for a ride at the Formula 1 qualifying event yesterday. The driver was a 63-year-old man from Saint-Ghislain.

As you can see from the photos, the accident was particularly violent. Thanks to David for the tip.

[Via Lavenir]

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  1. I was there :(((((( The F430 overtook me 20, maybe 30secs before he lost control :(((( He was doing over 200kph and it was dwonhill…the impact was violent, he cut off a huge lighting pole…Words fail me to express how devastating it is to watch two people passing away and you can’t do shit to help ;((( Please people, PLEASE drive carefully! :(

  2. This is what happens when idiots buy fast cars. Buy driving like that, he posed a danger to not only himself but other road users. That’s what tracks are for. I feel sorry for the boy who lost his life needlessly.

  3. I’m a friend of the driver and i’m trying to understand what happened !

    Could you explain me what you see after he overtook you, i can’t believe in the official version.

  4. OMG, I saw both the driver and the kid arrive at Spa for dinner just hours before. I shot the car in the parking lot and heard the car leave later with both occupants in it :/

  5. I pass by that place almost everyday and I have done 240kph+ on that same spot on several occasions. It is a straight downhill highway where the tarmac is in excellent condition. I really don’t see how the driver has lost control, except by being distracted… I guess we will never know what happened exactly but I guess driving fast without being extremely focused can cause you troubles


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