Ferrari is on its way to report all-time sales and profit highs this year. Demand for the Italian sports cars is on the rise despite the financial crisis which plagues large parts of Europe, economic uncertainties in the United States and the cooling down of the Chinese economy.

CEO of Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo told Automotive News Europe that the Prancing Horse predicts record sales: “From the latest data I’ve seen, we are on track to make this year another record year.”

The Maranello based carmaker posted last year records sales with 7,195 delivered cars. The first six months of 2012 Ferrari sales went up 7 percent to 3,664 compared with the first half of previous year, from which a quarter went to the US. Sales of the V12 powered models surged by 66 percent.

The major financial hurdle for this year is the development of a new engine for the 2014 Formula 1 season, which will see the introduction of a new turbocharged 1.6 liter V6 engine. Luca di Montezemolo said “the new F1 engine is a considerable burden for a company as small as Ferrari.” Despite the fact it had to invest somewhere in between 40- and 60 million euros for the new F1 engine, Ferrari aims to achieve record profits.

This September will see the European market introduction of the F12 Berlinetta, which will boost the sales even more. The new V12 powered Ferrari will be available for American buyers in March 2013. Ferrari expects to produce 800 units of this car annually.

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  1. Yeah Yeah ! Ferrari profits this … Ferrari profits that blah blah blah blah . Simply put … if Ferrari’s profits are so great 1) Why does Ferrari SpA refuse to divulge their P&L statements .. 2) … and due to #1 each and every financial institution in the World has refused Ferrari an IPO ( with the Swiss and Germans literally laughing Montezemolo out of the room after making his request )

    Simply put . Ferrari has never made a dime of profit since day one . Fact is the only thing Ferrari SpA exaggerates more than their HP and production numbers is in fact their profits . Fact is without FIAT SpA .. all Ferrari’s Middle East investors as well as all their outside income ( SheikMaranello Land / Ferrari Pit Stop Experience / $400 hair dryers complete with prancing horsey ) Ferrari would of been in ruins decades ago . Fact is they’re desperate as we speak for new investors or that elusive IPO no one will give them . And you can take that to the bank 1

  2. Not out to cut ya throat Mr GS, but your contributing to the economy (thanks) of thoughts/emotions, being what we are led to believe what the “majority” need to believe, should of course your statement be in/correct.

    Not forgetting the economy of perpetual motion of thoughts/emotions side of things being the economy of sustainability of all things so as life can exist from media/debacles.

    Being emotions/thoughts/energy generated by debacles of such and the sort just to generate emotions/thoughts which generate processes/energy included so as to sustain life for all.

    Medias media (generates emotions/thoughts = sustains life) and then there is the real world.

    To the untrained in the economy of the worlds workings economics included…not all is as it seems :)..

    Thats why we are led to believe all the BS in the world (wars included), so next time someone says your full of BS just tell you were just play’n your part in the economy ;).

  3. Briefly? Our current way of life is unsustainable and the more people suffer, the closer we get to an uprising. When said uprising occurs, I wouldn’t want to be a rich bloke driving a Ferrari.

    Now, back to admiring cool cars, (even if they are toys for the rich).


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