These are the best 2013 Ferrari F70 renderings we’ve seen of the Ferrari F70 yet! The F70 will be the halo-model replacement for the Ferrari Enzo. These renderings produced by Deviant Art user Wizzoo7 provide another speculative insight as we head towards an official unveiling! Of course, we have no idea how accurate these renderings really are.

The pictures show a car that shares a few common elements from other supercars while retaining a lot of Ferrari heritage! Take for example the Huayra-esque front air scoop channels, also a key feature of the F50 and Enzo, or the Tuatara-style glass house. It’s profile closely follows the Enzo’s design lines and the rear end gets simple 458 Italia, single tail lights, with F12berlinetta-style diffuser.

The F70 will use a HY-KERS system coupled to a 7.3 liter V12 engine which could produce up to 1,000hp. Information also suggests that the power will drive all four wheels and will feature a dual-clutch gearbox. The HY-KERS system adds about 120kg to the car which will be compensated by weight reduced chassis parts. The renderings are a nice design that would fit the Ferrari brand perfectly.

Thanks to Michael for the tip!

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  1. The front is too close to the Enzo and from spy pics won’t look like that. But damn, I wouldn’t mind if it did. These renders are beautiful. The rear half is damn near perfect.


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