Video Girls Driving Rental Bugatti Veyron in Monaco

YouTube member Fipeux spotted two girls driving a Bugatti Veyron through Monaco. Both girls parked the Veyron in front of the Casino in Monte Carlo. The hypercar was rented in Germany for an astonishing 19,000 euros per day. As a bonus you will see the female driver give 500 euro to the valet.

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  1. I would love to here the story of these girls.. Just can’t believe they do a Roadtrip from Hamburg to Monaco in the Bugatti, driving 1000km or so..

  2. Is Veyron with Chassis No.VF9SC25181M795186

    Bentley Hamburg sold it for 2 weeks for 1.489.999 EUR with 1.637 Km / 1.017 Mi .
    ( not on home page anymore ).

    Nice to make trip to Monaco with new used car.


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