Valet Magic are a car detailing/valeting/wrapping/customisation specialist based in Camberley, Surrey near London in the UK. Although they work on a wide variety of supercars, they seem to have become known as Nissan GT-R specialists, having worked on over 140 R35s to date.

Some come for straight forward valeting and paint correction, but an increasing number make use of Valet Magic’s vinyl wrapping service. This ranges from wrapping interior pieces in carbon look vinyl to full colour changes including the door shuts, e.g. the orange GT-R here that was originally red.

EVO magazine and’s Godzilla 2, which we reviewed lately, had a recent makeover at Valet Magic. The Japanese sports car now has a matte clear wrap design and earned the new call sign of Stealth Zilla.

MD Robbie holds a few barbeques over the summer exclusively for his R35 GT-R customers, which gives the owners a chance to have a chat about all matters GT-R over some expertly grilled burgers, sausages and chicken (thanks Ian!), cooked on a GT-R branded barbeque.

Some fifteen or so GT-Rs made the trip and the weather was uncharacteristically hot for a British summer. The only downside to the free food and banter, is that inevitably most owners leave with new plans for how to spend more money on their rides. GT-R ownership is as much about the modding as it is about the driving.

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