The Classic Days at Schloss Dyck were held previous weekend. Many of this year’s highlights have already been featured on our frontpage, so in this final chapter of our coverage from the ‘German Goodwood’ we take a look at some of the finest classic and sports cars.

One of the most remarkable cars at the Classic Days was the Lancia Stratos. Not only the original Stratos was exhibited, also the he New Stratos visited the gardens surrounding the 900-year-old castle. Created by German businessman Michael Stoschek, the New Stratos was based on the Ferrari F430 Scuderia, and designed by Pininfarina. Sadly this model remains an one-off as production plans has been halted by Ferrari.

In addition to the legendary Italian rally car and its spiritual successor, many other racing cars came were present from which the Zakspeed Ford was arguably the most impressive. Powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder 1.7 liter engine which provided up to 600 horsepower, the red and white colored Ford Capri tuned by Zakspeed was able to sprint from standstill to 100km/h in 2.8 seconds. This car dominated the 1981 German Group 5 championship. Driven by Klaus Ludwig, the Zakspeed Capri started from pole in all 13 races in its class, finished first 10 times, second once and retired twice with engine failure.

Another remarkable car on track was the Napier Bentley, the red 1930s looking car pictured above bearing the number 59. This one-off special built in 1968 is powered by 24-liter Napier Sea Lion W12 aeroplane engine, which develops approximately 550 horsepower. Furthermore a wide variety of cars were at Schloss Dyck, including the Toyota GT86, classic Bentley racing cars, an interesting line-up of Lamborghini’s and much more. All in all, with more than 27,500 visitors and over 5,500 classics cars attending the event this year’s edition was a huge success.


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