We know the feeling. You need a new car, you want something German but you can’t decide between BMW or Audi. You’ve also got that nagging feeling in the back of your head that, actually, what you really need is a rally-bred, road-legal Subaru Impreza. We understand, it’s a difficult decision.

It seems that somebody came up with the ultimate solution though. In doing so, they’ve entered pretty high on our list of the worst overkills of all time. We introduce to you, the Subaru Audi BMW Impreza WRX A4 520!

This car has the underpinnings of a 1993 Subaru Impreza, it features a 2.0 liter F4 engine with 240hp. The rear is Bavarian, taken from a BMW 520 apparently with dual exhaust tips and a boot lid spoiler. The front comes from Ingolstadt, an Audi A4 to be precise.

Actually, the bodywork looks pretty good, everything appears to match and the paintwork isn’t too bad. Yet this is definitely overkill. In fact, we can’t think of anything recently that’s fitted the overkill category better!

The car is for sale at the moment on Ebay. At the time of writing it had three bids with the price at £1,650 and 8 days 05 hours left to go. It’s located in Ipswich, United Kingdom and is available for ‘collocation only’ [sic].

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