Inden Design Mercedes SLS & Katja Runiello

Inden Design has released a series of photos entitled ‘Haute Couture meets Tuning’ starring the Inden Design Mercedes SLS AMG and German photo model, dancer and television personality Katja Runiello.

Inden Design fitted the Mercedes with a set of 21 inch light metal rims painted in high-gloss black combined with gloss-lathed beddings. The wheels are completed with Continental high-performance tires measuring 265/30R21 at the front and 295/25R21 at the rear.

The German tuner also tweaked the exhaust catalysts and the manifold. Thanks to engine mapping the 6.2 liter V8 engine of the SLS now provides 623hp compared to the standard 571. For more information regarding tuning of the Mercedes SLS AMG, or any other car made by Mercedes or Ferrari, please contact Inden Design.

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