Video Horse Kicks Ferrari 458 Italia in Shanghai China

A Red Ferrari 458 Italia and a Lamborghini LP700-4 Aventador were cruising along in a busy street near the Shanghai World Expo Center when a local horse riding club crossed their path.

The prancing horse from Italy got into a fight with a real horse in Shanghai, China. After the Ferrari driver hit the horn, one of the horses reacted and attacked the Ferrari by kicking the sports car. The damage seems limited, but the horse still hit Ferrari just above the wheel.

[Via CarNewsChina]

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  1. There’s something almost poetic about this . An actual Horse kicking a Prancing Horse’s ___ ! Guess the ‘ horse ‘ might of been letting the ‘ Prancing Horse ‘ know just what he thought about the pretentious bit of pretentious automotive jewelry .

    And errrrr …. If that’d of been my ‘ horse ‘ I’d of cut off the Ferrari drivers legs and crammed them up the exhaust pipes .

  2. If that was my Ferrari , I wouldn’t even horn the Horse … and that’s good thing the Horse did that , nice one Horsey !

  3. A symbol/ Logo of Horse is for Ferrari indeed., That’s Why real Horse kicking as challenge which horse power is more powerful when some camera still rolling on them.

  4. Yeah but I’ll bet you dollars to donuts the Horse is worth two to three times as much as the Ferrari ( assuming its a quality thoroughbred )

    But …..Jeeze ! Am I the only one here with a healthy sense of Irony & Humor ?


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