Gumball 3000 sets off tomorrow from New York. While the drivers are arriving to register their cars, we thought we’d let you know a few facts, where you can follow the event, where the event is going and, most importantly, where our coverage will be!

This year, the rally will enter just two countries, the United States and Canada. 120 drivers will head from Times Square, New York tomorrow at 12 noon, on to Toronto via Niagara Falls for the first leg of the rally. Presuming that they get away by 12, expect the first drivers to arrive at the Niagra Falls checkpoint by 7pm and at the hotel – Park Hyatt Hotel – by 9pm. It’s an 500 mile/800km drive so those times are approximate.

Day two (Saturday) will move the roadtrip on to Detroit, Michigan. Expect the Gumballers to arrive between 1 and 4pm. We don’t know the exact location but we do know that they won’t be hard to miss! After hitting the Detroit checkpoint, the drivers will continue to Inianapolis and the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Day three and four will be a two-day pitstop at Indianapolis, Indy 500 Speedway in time for the Indy500.

The rally will restart on Monday (day four) with a checkpoint in St.Louis, Missouri at the Gateway Arch. Time estimates for this leg mean drivers should make it for 3.30pm. The day will end in Kansas City, Missouri 10pm at the InterContinental at the Plaza Hotel.

Day five (Tuesday) will be a long slog to Santa Fe, New Mexico arriving at the Hotel Santa Fe The Hacienda & Spa by 7pm. Day six will end in Las Vegas via the Grand Canyon, Arizona. Gumballers will reach the Grand Canyon checkpoint by 4pm and the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Hotel by 7pm. Finally, the chequered flag will drop at 7pm on Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles on Thursday next week where the Gumballers will stay at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

You’ll be able to follow the rally in a variety of different ways this year. Several teams will be updating facebook pages, see below for links. You’ll be able to view pictures, videos and grid lists over at with the occassional post on too. Shmee150 is taking part this year too with Team Habibeez, expect regular updates on his Facebook page, website and YouTube channel. The pictures you find above come partly from Shmee’s facebook page! Autogespot are also taking part and they have a special section of their site set up for dedicated content. Our friend Jon Olsson will also be competing, check out his website too, hopefully he will be running his video updates too! His sponsor, Betsafe, has a YouTube channel with regular updates and a webpage.

Facebook pages include:

If we’ve missed any, let us know and we’ll update the list. If you follow all of the above, you won’t miss out on a single thing! Please also feel free to contact us using the tips function at the top of the page if you have Gumball-related content you wish to share with the world!

As a final word, you can also follow the event on our Gumball-3000 facebook page where we will share images from this years rally. Gumball 3000 have an official facebook page too where they add content during the event!

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  1. Does anyone know how long will all the Gumballers be down in Hollywood for? I know it starts at 7:00 but what is the time in ends? B/c I’m trying to make it down there after school.

  2. I found a spirit of Gumball 3000 trophy on ebay now. Can anyone tell me if it is real and anything about it? Sorry to insist but I am a big fan and I want something legit from the ballers!


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