Audi R8 LMS hits the abandoned circuit of Terramar

The circuit of Terramar is unknown to most people, which isn’t surprising considering 80 years of disuse. But the Autódromo de Sitges-Terramar is the second oldest racing circuit in Europe, only the Brooklands circuit in Great Britain is older. The Spanish oval, located near Barcelona was built so well is could be used even today. And that’s exactly what Carlos Sainz and Miguel Molina did, they entered the classic track with a modern car ‒ the Audi R8 LMS.

Construction of the Sitges-Terramar circuit started in 1922 and was completed in 300 days. The concrete circuit had a length of two kilometers and banking in the corners of sixty degrees. The first race was held in October 1923, but no prize money was awarded due to financial difficulties. The unpaid construction workers seized all receipts, making it impossible to pay the prizes. Together with the rapidly increasing performances of cars the track became insufficient for racing and was forbidden to host international races again.

The track was abandoned in 1925. With the exception of a few minor races held in the 1950s, the circuit was never used again. Until recently when two-time World Rally Champion Carlos Sainz and DTM driver Miguel Molina entered the old track. Watch the video of their amazing experience in an unique environment below.

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