Two Ferrari F430’s, owned by New York-based Gotham Dream Cars, were involved in a fatal accident in New Jersey this morning. The accident killed a motorcyclist, 56-year-old Stephen Lenge, who had been travelling to work at the Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford. The motorcyclist was hit head on by the red Ferrari.

The cars were preparing to take part in Gotham Dream Car’s “Dream Car Sprint” event. The drivers were just returning from a petrol station when the driver of the silver Ferrari F430 lost control and hit a kirb. The driver of the red F430 crossed over the double yellow line to avoid hitting the wrecked Ferrari, putting it on a collision course with the unfortunate motorcyclist.

The driver of the silver Ferrari was 19-year-old Joseph Meyer, of Oviedo, Florida. The red Ferrari was driven by 28-year-old Joseph Ferretti, it is unclear whether he is a relative of company CEO Rob Ferretti. Both are employees of the company. It sounds like an unfortunate accident with freak circumstances. There is some suggestion that the Ferrari’s were travelling at a high rate of speed, the police will investigate this.

[Via, Jalopnik]

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  1. Yup . Its a wrap . This one confirms it . The ” More Money than Brains ; More Cojones than Driving Ability in a Ferrari Syndrome ” has as of this bit of news reached Worldwide Pandemic proportions .

  2. Ferrari are the Louis vuitton of luggage of the world … Expensive but look cheap. every twat that ‘thinks’ they did well / made some money etc gets them. And likewise LV bags have so many imitations around, no thanks to the Chinese, that they look cheap even if original ……… Same issue with Ferrari drivers …. Te ones who are good, appreciate, love their cars/the brand are forever swept away with twats and idiots getting/using/borrowing the cars

    This is all more sorry for the guy on the bike …. He was probably out on his mountain bike or sports bike for fun/exercise and then has some cock hit him because he has no idea to drive

    Gotham Dream cars should be responsible for the actions of their, obviously moronic, employees

    Maybe sending them to Singapore for Ferrari driver training …. What twats the lot

  3. What in God’s name is a 19 year-old kid from Florida doing driving a Ferrari in NJ???? Where I live you have to be 25 just to rent a freakin’ KIA!

  4. Joe killed a great NJ drummer and store owner, a pillar of the community with two kids. Why not some loser instead? Damn shame Stephen was a great guy, Reckless morons destroying lives with speeding cars.Wonder if somebody cares now at Gotham Dream Cars. Assholes.

  5. To everyone talking crap about the guy driving the car, he doesn’t have “more money than brains” if you knew how to read you would see that he worked for the company and he didn’t rent the car.

  6. Who let a 19 year old drive a f430? Obviously a terrible decision. Kid thought it was smart to turn into oncoming traffic to avoid what would have been a smaller accident… jackass.


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