The KB Rossocorsa (also known as KB) is a Ferrari-themed gathering in Paris, organized by Club Scuderia France. Its purpose is to gather Ferrari owners for a nice drive accross the magnificent French countryside, to end up at a French chateau to eat a fine gastronomic lunch. Indeed, this is a French event, and their heritage isn’t neglected: lovely castles filled with history, and exquisite fine food!

The weather was absolutely awful. It raine a lot and everyone started to fear the prancing horses wouldn’t come. But that doesn’t stand in the way of true fans, more than sixty Ferrari showed up that morning: Ferrari 458 spider, 458 italia, 599 GTB Fiorano, 360 modena, Testarossa, Mondial, 430 scuderia, 430, even a 16M and many more! The magnificent Ferrari 458 spider in giallo tristrato with carbon fiber shields struck Alex Smolik’s eye. He shot the pictures and made the video.

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