Home Car News US Customs Seize 16 Supercars Headed for Asia

US Customs Seize 16 Supercars Headed for Asia

US Customs Seize 16 Supercars Headed for Asia

Customs officials recently revealed a haul of 16 supercars that had been seized recently. They were seized after an investigation. Apparently, the vehicles had been purchased with fake identities under lease or by cash in the Los Angeles area, defrauding dealers, lenders and insurance companies in the process. The US Customs officials seized the goods from containers marked as used exercise equipment.

Among the vehicles seized was a 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia valued at $ 280,000, a Lamborghini LP700-4 Aventador, a BMW X5 and other BMW, Audi and Mercedes SUVs. The cars were being exported to Vietnam and Hong Kong where they would have been offered for sale at three times their US value. Four other vehicles were seized in Asian ports.

Californian Highway Patrol investigated after being tipped off by the Ferrari dealer who had used a GPS installed into the 458 Italia to track the vehicle. The cars were found on a ship after it was called back to port following its departure. Together, the cars are worth an estimated $ 1.5 million.


  1. Give it 2 months and you will see each ‘seized’ car wrapped around a light post, crashed into a bridge or rolled through a fence into a field on ‘wrecked exotics.com’ ……. Oh, smee forgets, or is that the FBI that does those things?

  2. Facts wrong; Hong Kong and Singapore both only allows RIGHT HAND DRIVE CARS to be road registered.

    So the cars should not be heading there. Vietnam is a hotbed for stolen American spec cars. Cambodia is also another hotspot. Legislation for car imports remain loose.

    China is communist and very strict when it comes to imported cars. US Spec would not qualify so useless there. Also China is already the world’s largest buyer of official channel cars.

  3. Read the article, the ships were headed to Hong Kong and Singapore, that doesn’t mean they would be registered and driven there ;-)


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