Group B. The era of rallying that has become famous (and in some cases, infamous) for the incredible speed and daring of not only the cars, but the drivers as well. The 1980’s saw the popularity of rally racing skyrocket to levels of which the world had never seen. In fact, it was the only time in history that rally of any kind surpassed the grandiose spectacle that is F1.

It was the era of legend. The era that defined and immortalized the sport. If you were to search “rally” on Google images at this very moment, the page would be filled with the iconic images of Group B spectators standing mere steps from maniacal rally drivers pushing 11/10ths. Okay, that may be an exaggeration. There is exactly 1 Group B image if you were to actually search “rally” on Google Images. But the pantomime of the whole situation stands true, whether or not the metaphor was exaggerated.

The creators of the excellent expose on some of the most fatal years of Grand Prix racing (Grand Prix: The Killer Years), have just released their newest documentary on Group B entitled Madness on Wheels.

Take a look at the trailer below and put it on full screen. It looks like it will be very, very good.



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