Shelby will introduce its most powerful Mustang yet at the New York International Auto Show. It will be named the Shelby 1000, using the Shelby GT500 as its base. Two versions will be built, one for the road and one for the track. The New York International Auto Show starts on April 5, 2012.

Modifications to both Shelby 1000’s are the same. Both feature Ford’s 5.4 liter V8 engine with new rods, crank and pistons. Shelby have also added a new cooling, exhaust system and a larger supercharger The street legal, pump gas version should hit power peaks of approximately 950hp, while the track oriented S/C edition is rated at over 1,100hp.

Shelby has also added a new system in the form of a six piston unit at the front and a four piston unit at the rear of the Shelby 1000. The suspension includes new struts, sway bars and bushings. A new solid driveshaft is connected to a new 9-inch rear end. On the outside, the Shelby 1000 is distinguished by a new hood, rear panel and splitter creating functional aerodynamic enhancements.

A limited production run of Shelby 1000s will be built, each numbered and documented. The street package for the Shelby 1000 starts at $ 149,995 and the track S/C version starts at $ 154,995, a price which does not include the base GT500.

John Luft, president of Shelby American said:

Carroll Shelby is a visionary who has pushed the boundaries of performance his entire life. He challenged the Shelby American team to develop the Shelby 1000 and wanted to unveil this amazing new Shelby at the New York Auto Show celebrating 50 years since he unveiled the very first Shelby Cobra that changed the face of high performance. We will have that very car, Cobra #1 (CSX2000) along with Shelby 1000 on display in our Shelby American booth in New York.

Just to reassure you, the photos above that show the Shelby 1000 lifting from the ground, despite its weight and despite its road-legal tyres. Shelby were forced to admit to using photo manipulation to create these photos.

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