A high profile accident appears to have occurred in China over the weekend involving a Ferrari 458 Italia. Sources suggest that the accident killed the male driver, whilst two female occupants were reported to have sustained serious injuries. It’s a sad story in itself, and its fortunate that the overloaded Ferrari didn’t fatally injure more of its occupants. However, it seems that there is more to this story.

Initially, the story spread via social media sites and news blogs, however, overnight these seemed to disappear. Popular social media site Sina Weibo for example, deleted all reference to the crash and censored searches for the word ‘Ferrari’. This really got people interested and ever since, speculation has been building that the accident involved a high-profile member of China’s Communist Party.

Sources suggest that the driver was the illegitimate son of Communist Party Politburo Standing Committee member Jia Qinglin. Whatever the truth is, the facts so far are that on Sunday a black Ferrari 458 Italia crashed at Baofusi bridge on Beijing’s 4th ring road. It was carrying three occupants at 4am, the driver, a man, was killed and his two female passengers were hospitalised.

Naturally, we’ve gathered together all the pictures that are available from the crash scene. It is one of the worst Ferrari crashes we’ve seen. The car has been left in two parts.

[Via Jalopnik]

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