The final episode of Top Gear’s eighteenth series has just been broadcasted last week, but Richard Hammond will return on television as he makes a trip across the pond for his new show Richard Hammond’s Crash Course.

Whereas Hammond has driven just about every high-powered and luxurious vehicles out there, he will be learning to drive a whole other level of machinery in his new show. Richard is facing off against a myriad of machines including, the U.S. Army’s MIA2 Abrams Tank, the world’s most powerful fire engine, a two-ton wrecking ball ‒ with the power to tear down a five story building in a matter of seconds ‒ and a landfill compactor.

The Hamster meets the people who operate the vehicles daily, has only have days to master these heavy machines, and in the end, the experts will decide if he has successfully mastered each challenge.

The six episodes of Crash Course episodes have already been filmed and will be shown on BBC America. Richard Hammond’s new show debuts on Monday April 16th at 10:00 PM ET/PT. Before Hammond’s show, a two-hour Top Gear special will be shown.

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