The sixth generation of the BMW 3-Series was unveiled last October and has been on sale since February 2012. The Bavarian car maker is also working on a high-performance M-powered version and a prototype has been caught on the German Autobahn.

The next generation BMW M3 appears to have the wider fenders and big air intakes. Another typical BMW M-feature is visible, there are the four exhaust pipes. It is expected the engine of the future M3 will be downsized, so this would imply the car will be powered by a three-turbocharged six-cylinder.

The new BMW M3 is internally referred to as F80 and is scheduled to appear on the market in the summer of 2013. A coupe version will follow shortly after. It is rumored this model will be called the M4, just as the upcoming BMW 3-Series based coupes and convertibles will be renamed the ‘4-Series’.

In this video a prototype of the BMW M3 F80 was driving on the Autobahn in the vicinity of Braunschweig, not far from the Volkswagen headquarters in Wolfsburg. This video was made from inside a tuned BMW 1M Coupe with more than 420 horsepower, which looks like it had to put the pedal to the metal to follow the new M3. One thing is for sure, the upcoming M3 will be quite fast!

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