One of Morgan’s four cars at the Geneva Motor Show 2012 is the new Morgan Plus 8. It revives a name that went out of production in 2004 having originally entered production in 1968. The Morgan Plus 8 is being marketed as a comfortable classic and ‘a true drivers car’. We took a closer look!

The new Morgan Plus 8 makes use of technology from the aircraft industry to achieve an unladen weight of only 1100kgs. This makes the Plus 8 the lightest V8 passenger car in the world approved to European safety standards. It is available with a six speed automatic transmission coupled to a 4.8 liter BMW V8 engine with 367bhp or 390bhp with sports exhaust.

For more information on the Morgan Plus 8, please visit our earlier article!

Geneva Motor Show 2012

Video Morgan Plus 8 in Geneva

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