Lamborghini unveiled the Lamborghini Aventador J yesterday, today it went on display at the Geneva Motor Show 2012. The one-off Aventador is a concept, not designed for production. It features the same basic specs as the Lamborghini Aventador having built on that car’s chassis.

The Lamborghini Aventador J gets its name, rather bizarrely, from the sporting rules of the FIA world motorsport organization. Its “Appendix J” defines the technical specification of race cars in the various classes. It gets the 6.5 liter V12 with 700hp power rating and the same 1,575kg dry weight as the Lamborghini Aventador. Obviously, the design features a speedster roof. It uses a new type of carbon fiber fabric called “Carbonskin” made of woven carbon fibers soaked with a very special epoxy resin that stabilise the fiber structure and keeps the material soft.

For full details on the Lamborghini Aventador J, please visit our earlier post.

Geneva Motor Show 2012

Video Lamborghini Aventador J Live in Geneva

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  1. Lawrence, the Aventador J is actually a one-off road legal Lamborghini, if you have way too much money you can request an allocation, however I can tell you that even if you have an incredible amount of money, you won´t be the owner of this masterpiece. The owner has already been chosen between a limited number of very high-profile clients of VAG.

  2. It would certainly add a touch just a touch of excitement going 200 mph with no roof probably similar to being in an F1. I wonder who has bought it if they are only making one. I bet it cost over a million pounds.


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