Bentley Motors has released its sales figures over 2011. All major regions are up with a global increase of 47% year-on-year and 894 cars delivered to customers. China and the US are going head-to-head to become Bentley’s number one global market in 2012 with China in front at the start of the year with 324 cars delivered (+66%) whilst US deliveries were up 29% (251 cars) over the same period.

Bentley’s growth is shown in all major regions. Europe continues to grow strongly and is up 39% year-on-year. After 2011, the UK started 2012 with a strong 16% increase and 58 cars delivered. The Middle East has also increased its sales by 55% with 93 cars delivered to customers, a rise after last year’s deliveries were impacted by political unrest in parts of the region.

The increase was driven by strong demand for both the new GT and the recently launched Continental GTC, both of which have increased sales with 265 and 214 cars delivered respectively. This is before the first Continental V8s reach customers in the second quarter.

According to Bentley, another interesting development has been the increasing demand for the two-door Continental GT in China. Long seen as a four-door market, Chinese customers are increasingly attracted to Bentley cars with two doors.

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  1. Ferrari sold more than ever. Lamborghini sold more than ever. Now Bentley. And they say there is recession and people can’t find jobs. What a wonderful world we are living in.


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