Bentley has today confirmed the executive interior for the Bentley Mulsanne flagship, which includes the Theatre and iPad spec multimedia packages. Both packages are integrated into the Mulsanne’s cabin, which takes Bentley’s craftsmen and women over 170 hours to create.

The Mulsanne Theatre Specification offers passengers in the rear cabin the ability to enjoy a wide range of entertainment – choosing between DVD movies, television programmes, or music – which is offered via a 15.6 inch centrally located HD LED screen. As an alternative, each headrest is equipped with its own eight-inch screen. Passenger can listen to the audio in private through Bluetooth headphones.

Business users can use the boot-mounted Apple Mac computer which is selectable for display via the HD LED screen. Twin USB ports positioned in the center console provide access to the Mac to upload films, music and data or documents for use either in the cabin or once the journey ends. Finger-tip control is provided via an iPod touch allowing navigation of the technology using a Bentley ‘App’. Bespoke reading lights have been designed to provide illumination for viewing documents.

A Bentley‑designed, luxury bottle cooler with space for two full-size Champagne bottles in a canted position is available as well, allowing opened bottles to be put back in the cooler. With one touch of a button, the frosted glass door quietly slides open to reveal three hand‑blown and hand-cut lead crystal champagne flutes, displayed by the white LED accent lighting.

Two electrically-deployed veneered picnic tables for the rear passengers provide a soft hide writing surface, colour-matched to the seats of the Mulsanne, and at the press of a button twin iPads with wireless keyboards are revealed. Both rear passengers can work on documents or files independently, email, browse the internet, make video calls or play music or games. The picnic tables are cleverly designed so that the keyboards can be easily removed and placed on the user’s lap for added comfort.

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