YouTube member Dennis Noten uploaded this video back in August 2010. From where we are sitting, it looks like he was doing it right! A classic 1980’s E30 BMW, sunshine, and the Stelvio Pass. Enjoy the sounds of his aftermarket exhaust as he pounds up the pass.

There are plenty more videos of his E30 on his YouTube page, if you’re looking for even more, like we were.

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  1. … filmed during our 4500km road-trip through Europe, summer 2010
    in my stripped E30 325i with Billstein Group N shocks and some really tough springs, and some more mods.
    it’s actually me driving my car, and Dennis filming.

    – Paul Broere

    p.s.: I don’t excersize much, I just go up the Stelvio pass now and then, in a E30 without powersteering and stock steering-rack, that’s a real workout :p

    • Haha cool stuff, Paul. Shoot me an email when you get a chance, interested to hear more about your car, as I’m deciding what mods to make to my E30.



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