Race Retro decided to dedicate Hall 2 to Porsche this year and there were some excellent examples of various Porsche’s on display. The show highlighted thirty years of the Group C Porsche 956/962 which first competed in 1982. The 956 and 962 had many race successes throughout the 80’s and 90’s and showcased how competitive their cars were in the racing world.

On display was Sir Stirling Moss’s Porsche RS61 Spyder, one of only fourteen ever built and the car he was racing when he decided to hang his helmet up and put an end to his racing career.

Others cars on display included the car driven by racer Derek Bell, 1971 Gulf Porsche 917 and the Blaupunkt Joest Porsche 962c which came 3rd at the Le Mans in 1988. The first prototype chassis of the Rothmans Porsche 962c, which won the 24 hour Le mans twice in 86 and 87 and the 1988 Le Mans competitor Porsche 962c Shell Dunlop which came second at Le Mans in 1988.

[Photos and text by Steven Roe & Jenna Rothen]

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