Stanceworks recently finished with a project that had been in the works for close to six months. The Lamborghini Murcielago you see in the photos above an below had been shipped from Japan’s LB Performance specially to receive a set of HRE’s Vintage Series wheels. It’s the first supercar to be fitted with the retro designs, it’s fitting therefore that this isn’t just any Murcielago.

LB Performance is a name synonymous with the Japanese modifying scene. They focus almost exclusively on Lamborghini’s, fitting them with a wide range of body, cosmetic and performance enhancements. This Lamborghini Murcielago has been fitted with what looks like Premier 4509’s LP670-4 SV look-a-like kit. In typical Japanese style, it also has a set of air bag suspension modifications which allow the car to be raised and lowered at the touch of a button.

The wheels are HRE 454’s, a Modular three-piece wheel manufactured using aerospace-grade 6061-T6 forged aluminum. If you think this car looks familiar, you might also remember it from the Forgiato booth at last year’s SEMA. The car is still in California.

Whilst it may not be to everyone’s taste, you have to admire the clean look LB Performance and HRE have managed to pull off, together with the stunning photography work! We prefer the HRE Wheels more than the Forgiato variants and we can’t wait to see the Vintage Series on more supercars!

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  1. jesus those wheels are hideous. Congrats, you took a beautiful car and dropped it to the ground like a Nissan mini truck in a Mexican neighborhood.


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