Nissan R35 GT-R Personalized by E-motions

Nissan R35 GT-R Personalized by E-motions

Dutch company Van Kerkhof & Visscher Group has developed a special personalization label for the Nissan R35 GT-R. The label offers customers to personalize their supercars on two different subjects; interior and chassis.

More and more people want to give their car a personal touch. Using optical refinements inside the interior, the GT-R gains a decent amount of interior quality level. The stock interior trim is not the best out there. Customers can opt from a range of leather, Alcantara and stitching options upping the looks of the cabin. A total of 48 colors are available.

The company offers lowering kits for the GT-R improving the handling and stability.

Pricing information is available via the offices of the VKV Group.

[Via Autogespot]



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