About a week ago a driver was killed in a fiery crash involving a Lamborghini Gallardo in Ormond Beach, US.

According to the local police, the 24-year-old David William Fulton was driving a 2006 Lamborghini southbound on North U.S.-1 at about 3:45 AM on the 12th of February. Fulton lost control of his car at high speed. He crossed the median, and crashed into a steel pole at Buttleman’s Sporting Goods.

Unfortunately, Fulton was pinned in the wreckage when the Lamborghini burst into flames. His passenger, 40-year-old Vanessa Bain, was able to escape with minor injuries.

[Via Cfnews13.com]

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  1. it is really sad news to his family, :( … no matter what are you driving if it is safe care this is does not change the fact that speed kills.


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