Our Paris representative Alex Smolik went to the 2012 Rétromobile salon held in Paris. A lot of vintage and classic cars were present. They also did a little event to celebrate the fifty years of the 250 GTO (1962). The 250 GTO is one of the most iconic Ferrari models, its bargaining price nowadays reaches high sums of money (a couple million dollars), and it is a very desirable car in the world among car collectors.

There were two GTOs. A dark blue Ferrari 250 GTO and a red Ferrari 330 GTO! To be honest, the difference between the two cars is very slim and only real specialists can spot the difference. Only 36 Ferrari 250 GTO were produced with the same chassis + 3 more (the 330 GTOs, with a slightly longer chassis). This is why it is commonly said that there are 39 Ferrari 250 GTOs, whereas it’s really more 36 + 3. However, the debate is an endless one! Nevertheless, this explains why the presence of this 330 GTO was a very odd choice for many reasons: it’s the fifty year anniversary of the 250 GTO, not the 330 GTO, and it adds to the confusion between the models.

But let’s be honest, both cars look pretty much the same, and they’re both as valuable. And to be honest, the 330 GTO is even more rare than its prestigious brother (only three models built), and has better performance too. But both cars are simply incredible. Seeing them next to each other is quite priceless.

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