Francois Bancon, head of advanced planning for Infiniti, told CAR Magazine in Tokyo that they are actively considering building a flagship sports car based on the running gear of the Nissan GT-R.

The iconic Japanese sports car has an unique setup featuring a clever four-wheel drive system and 550hp twin-turbo 3.8 liter V6 engine capable of achieving superb performance. Bancon said:

It’s too good a platform to use only on one model. Our Infiniti model would have to be softer than the GT-R and that’s extremely difficult to do. You can’t easily tweak the GT-R to deliver the sophisticated, more refined performance we would need on an Infiniti. We have three or four proposals we are looking at right now. Once we have launched the new smaller Infiniti (coming in 2015), the time would be right to have a flagship.

Bancon told CAR also a decision will be made in the next two to three years. This means that production will not start within five years from now.

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