Lexus is still producing and delivering LFA supercars around the world. Nr. 250 has reached the US and will be handed to its new owner pretty soon. The owner choose a combination between a green exterior trim and a white interior. The brake calipers are painted yellow.

Feel free to share your opinion about this ‘special’ supercar.

Green Lexus LFA Nr 250 Hits Stateside 01

Green Lexus LFA Nr 250 Hits Stateside 02

[Via VIP Auto Salon Facebook page]

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  1. We know that you have to be blind to buy such an ugly thing. But whoever bought this is not only blind, he also has no friends to tell him that this color is HIDEOUS (sorry for shouting… just in case he’s deaf too).

  2. Who ever wrote this FYI the owner who bought this LFA is the only person have guts n balls to pick that color! plus il looks nice specially when you see it with your own eyes and drive it.


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