YouTube member BrianZuk recorded a rare Rossion Q1 in grey with red and black interior. The video shows the exterior, interior, gauges cluster, wheels, front bonnet bay, and engine bay. It also includes the Q1 starting up its 450hp twin turbo V6, and giving a few revs.

The Rossion Q1 is a sports car from US car maker 1g Racing/Rossion Automotive. It is based on the Noble M400 and built by Hi-Tech Automotive. Founders Ian Grunes and Dean Rosen began development on the Rossion Q1 after acquiring the rights to the Noble M400 in February 2007. Their goal was to design a completely new car fusing the sporty strengths of the M400 with luxurious extras.

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  1. Researching a little would prevent you from sounding dumb… Rossion bought out the noble design and started building a modified variant as a real car. So in fact, it is a Noble.

  2. Ok i know its build on the Noble it says that right in the article.

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