The following story is hard to believe but it happened for real. MotorAuthority reports that a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 caught fire at a carshow in Portland. The main question here is why and how did it happen? The answer is surprisingly stupid.

There is one golden rule for cars at a carshow. Fire marshals will never let any car enter the venue with more than a quarter-tank of fuel. In some cases you are not even allowed to have more than five liters of petrol in the tank. The white Gallardo LP560-4 shown here attempted to enter with an undisclosed greater amount, and was of course refused by the local fire marshals.

Now the story gets stupid! Instead of loosing the fuel by driving or extracting the fuel from the tank, the display staff decided it would be a great idea to just sit behind the wheel of the sports Italian car, keep it stationary and rev it to redline. Not good for car, but nice for the surrounding public.

The person behind the wheel soon grew tired of hitting the limiter and decided to automate the process with a piece of wood positioned between the seat and the gas pedal. After several minutes, the engine overheated and caught fire. Local staff rushed to the scene and killed the fire. The sports car was then loaded on a truck and removed from the scene.

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  1. Such an asshole! For any layman who’s ever driven a Lambo, he’d know that the car’s cooling system works only at higher speeds because that’s what the car is built for!!

  2. I remember an aston-martin with its engine at full revs and the keys locked inside. After 20 minutes of urban embarrassment the engine just stopped out of gas… and kept working afterwards. But it was in Gstaad at well below zero and the lambo would probably have survived too.


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