This morning we heard sad news of an accident involving a Pagani Zonda F in Hong Kong. It seems that the car was totally wrecked when the driver lost control hitting a tree and then hit a column. Both the front and rear of the car received extensive damage. Fortunately the driver walked away, uninjured from the wreckage.

The damage to the carbon fibre tub will obviously make this an expensive repair job. Pagani are known for their ability to repair cars that have received a lot of damage though so we expect this will not be a write-off. It will be an expensive repair though!

Update: video of the supercar and its owner

This is how the supercar looked before the crash:


  1. Look for “Ramada Hotel, Kowloon, Hong Kong” on Google Map and search for a pedestrian bridge using Street View. You should be able to see the exact location where this accident took place.

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