Details of a new Corvette ZR1-based tuning project recently surfaced. TIKT, a Germany performance company unveiled their Tripple X package for the American sports car. The package includes a performance upgrade as well as a number of aerodynamic and cosmetic enhancements.

The power output has increased to 758hp and 910Nm of torque thanks to modified cylinder heads, camshafts, strengthened valve springs, a modified supercharger ratio, larger throttle valves and a modified exhaust. Adjustments were made to the cooling system to allow four times as much coolant to be routed around the engine.

For the suspension changes, TIKT kept the standard leaf springs for the rear axle but replaced the wheel mounts allowing for a 30mm drop. On the front suspension, race shocks were installed giving a height reduction of 50mm. Lightweight Zerra Ultralight Evo 2 wheels were also added.

A restyled front fascia, new side skirts and a carbon fiber fixed rear wing were added to complete the look.

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