Ghostrider is back! Before Christmas he released his latest DVD titled Ghostrider 6.66 What The F**k. It could possibly be his last though. The new DVD features more stunts from the masked motorcycle stuntman on both his 499-horsepower turbocharged Hayabusa and a couple of Subaru Impreza’s.

This could very well be Ghostrider’s last film though. The official trailers feature an open letter from the man himself urging people to buy the DVD and allow him to fund continued producing of the films.

As you’d expect, the whole DVD is action packed from start to finish with all scenes shot in and around Stockholm. From 353km/h wheelies to Hayabusa crashes, on-road Gymkhana to crashing Subaru Impreza’s, the video has it all. We’ve gathered a selection of videos on YouTube to give you a taste of what you can expect.

If you want to buy the film, head to Ghostrider’s website.

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