De Tomaso Mangusta Legacy Concept

These renderings present Maxime de Keiser’s vision of a modern De Tomaso Mangusta, based on the historic, late-60’s supercar. Maxime decided to incorporate a fresh design blending aspects of the original Ghia bodywork, with a number of modern-day elements to make the Mangusta come to life again.

The De Tomaso Mangusta began life as the De Tomaso Vallelunga, the model it replaced. On top of the Vallelunga chassis sat a Ford 289 V8 engine with 306hp for European cars, a Ford 302 V8 with 220hp for the US and a five-speed ZF transaxle gearbox. It had a top speed of 250km/h despite being a relatively inexpensive supercar. If you’re wondering what ‘Mangusta’ means, it translates, from Italian to Mongoose, on account of the fact that a Mongoose could kill a Cobra (both literally and in the sense of Carroll Shelby’s Shelby Cobra!). Only 401 were ever built.

Maxime explains,

Like the original, it had to be spectacular and communicate an impression of wild ferocity and power while recalling the serenity of a feline at rest, and the elegance of the animal that doesn’t need to fear anything.

We think it looks pretty good and we’d love to see De Tomaso produce cars like this again! What do you think?

[Via WorldCarFans and CarBodyDesign]


  1. Not only the wheels can’t move up, but on this rendering they can’t even move down. Unless there’s no suspension on it this car doesn’t work. And the roof is too low for the driver to see anything.


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