Jon Olsson was at PPI Design yesterday to have a look at the PPI R8 Razor GTR V10 as a replacement for his current Lamborghini Gallardo with ski box. Jon was looking at two versions of the PPI R8 Razor at the companies showroom in Southern Germany.

GTspirit happened to be in the area today and stopped by at PPI to learn more about the plans for Jon’s new ride. As expected his signature ski box will also have to be added to the Razor GTR V10 so to see what it looks like they quickly dismounted the box from his Lamborghini and put it on the Razor as you can see in the picture above.

Jon said about the PPI R8 Razor GTR, which will be based on the limited Audi R8 GT:

Jumping back and forth from a Gallardo and the Razor R8 made it clear that Audi had taken advantage of its older brother and fine tuned a lot of things, what struck me the most what how much better the steering wheel, pedals and seat was placed. The R8 made a Gallardo 560 feel old.

A final decision hasn’t been made yet, but the Lamborghini Aventador is off the table as a daily driver and the PPI R8 Razor GTR V10 offers something special. The possible Jon Olsson specced Razor GTR V10 would include a larger modified rear wing to support the ski box and a clear carbon fiber body.

Video of the PPI R8 Razor GTR V10



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