Overkill Abflug Widebody Kit for Nissan R35 GT-R

Abflug, a Japanese tuner, has released their widebody kit for the Nissan R35 GT-R. The tuner is known for their creative and revolutionary aero designs, but this take the word body kit to a whole new level.

The kit has large-mouth front bumper, wide blister fenders and R8-style ducting in the rear bumper. The Godzilla kit is available piece-by-piece, with FRP and carbon variations, depending on the part. Also available is a high-mount rear wing that replaces the OEM wing, but retains the side base mounts.

Overkill? Lets say it is a typically Japanese-styled body kit.

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  1. Oh this is hilarious……. “Abflug” theoretically means “liftoff” when speaking about planes…….when speaking about cars it means running out of track and crashing. “Ich hatte einen Abflug auf der Nordschleife” “I crashed on the Nordschleife”. Not sure they know that..


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