Texas Fire Destroys 175 Classic Cars

The American state of Texas endured its most severe single-year drought since the 1950s, it received the lowest single-year rainfall since 1895, and experienced the hottest June-August period of any US state at any point in time on record. This resulted in a series of wildfires which affected the southern state. One of those fires is the still ongoing Bastrop County Complex fire. Nearly 1,400 homes have been destroyed by this fire, making it the most destructive single wildfire in Texas history.

Besides being a human tragedy, the Bastrop wildfires also destroyed one collector’s 175 classic cars, including a 1947 Studebaker pickup, 1966 Pontiac GTO, Shelby Cobra, and many Corvettes. The good news is that the owner of these cars, the 70-year old John Chapman and his family escaped uninjured. “You can either laugh or you can cry,” Chapman told the Houston Chronicle. “You might as well laugh.”

Texas Fire Destroys 175 Classic Cars

Photos: AP/Eric Gay

[Via The Houston Chronicle and Jalopnik]

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