Video Range Stormer by West Coast Customs in London

Our dear friend and YouTube member Shmee150 filmed the super-exclusive, one-of-three “Range Stormer”. Based on an original Land Rover Concept car from 2004, the Range Stormer was built in 2008 by West Coast Customs in the USA and just three such cars were ever made. Worth in the region of £ 250,000 it is a fairly obscure choice of car in the streets of London.

With respect to all those Veyrons, Ferraris, Maybachs and Lamborghinis driving around in London these days, it is quite an unique vehicle to come across.

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  1. It looks quite cool but as I know WCC the car has headrest with screens and a few more screens in the screens for sure. If not, this is really their best car.
    Can’t wait to see the Range Evoque :)


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