Video How Not To Park Your Porsche

There are numerous ways to park your Porsche Nissan, but the person in this video used the fast-parking technique. It took him less than a second to parallel park his 911 350Z at an open spot. The only problem is that the sports car will not be able to continue his journey.

Great way to avoid the valet, but now he’s going to have to walk all the way across the parking lot.

Update: It seems that is not a Porsche, but a Nissan 350Z

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  1. Not a porsche, if you look at it when its downside facing at the camera, the exhaust is coming from the front of the car. Guessing a nissan Z?? (350/370)

  2. Some scratches on the paintwork, but the lights still working! That´s important on the next TÜV review.

    Lucky him to land exactly between the cars.


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