White Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport

The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport is one of the worlds most exclusive and expensive convertibles with a $ 2.0 million price tag. For that price you get the fastest convertible in the world with 1001hp and a removable hard top which allows you to reach the top speed of 407km/h.

But what happens when you’re in town and left the removable roof at home in the garage? Bugatti supplies a canvass bad weather umbrella-style top to all Veyron owners that can fit in the Grand Sport’s luggage department. This canvass umbrella roof allows you to drive with a maximum speed of 130km/h. The video below made by our friend Munch997 gives an insight in what Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport owners have to go through when it starts to rain.

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  1. Look at them. How adorable they are. Wait to see them 10 years from now when they are dictators in their home countries and they execute everybody who tries to be in opposition.

  2. @Kris: Seriously…
    @Video: I watched a guy putting a soft top on a Murcielago Roadster, he finally gave up :D But it really is unnecessarily compilcated.
    BTW: Veyron with Softtop should be forbidden :D

  3. @Luke: The Veyron Grand Sport has a solid hard top but nowhere to put it when you want to drive without it, if they could find a way for the hard top to fit somewhere in the car the issue with the soft top would be history.

  4. @Des:the Pagani Zonda has a removable carbon hard top that can be fitted in the trunk,maybe they could copy that idea.On the other side Veyron GS(and generally all Veyrons)have aged too much to try something new
    @Kris:this site is for car fans,not for politically fanatic commentators.

  5. @Alex, it was meant to be a joke. I’m not fanatic about anything. Sorry if you guys didn’t get it that way. I’ll try harder next time. Meanwhile you can try to pull the sticks out of your butts. Hope you got that one. If not I’m afraid it’s not a stick. It is a whole log.

  6. So funny, $2 million dollars car’s owners seriously don’t want to do that on the street. I can’t wait to see how to put the top up on a SA Aperta.

  7. @Des: How about some device like on the Ferrari Superamerica. The Hardtop would be on an axis behind the seats and would flip back, but then the intakes would have to be changed…new idea! :D


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