Video Arab Bugatti Veyron Going Wrong Way Down One-Way Street

The Arab boys are back in town. Wealthy young mean with their super- and hypercars are back in London to enjoy the Summer. They ship their vehicles to the United Kingdom to escape the humid and hot weather in the Middle East. They are now enjoying a well deserved holiday followed by ‘car paparazzi’, also referred to as car spotters. One of those spotters found this Bugatti Veyron going the wrong way down an one-way street. A £1 Million car you would think the sat nav would work!

Feel free to sum up any of the other luxury or sports cars you see in the video below.

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  1. These people are roughneck baboons. They rev their engines in the middle of residential areas, go on the wrong side of the road, one way streets, like they own the place, and the Police can’t impound their cars b/c they’re not registered in the UK.

    Someone needs to pass a law asap, to allow the cops to impound these animal’s cars.

    I live in America, and you see the same behavior from these people, although not as prevalent, here.

  2. Forget the Veyron, it is just a regular model. Focus on that white Maybach Cruiserio Coupe built by Xenatec!!! That is huge news! 1st time I see one on the street in a video!

  3. Well deserved holiday? These ass hats sit around and do nothing but collect money while the standard of living for a majority of the population in their country continues to spiral downward. Have you been watching the news? See any protests in the middle east lately? Well deserved my ass!

  4. MR, oh…….I got excited due to not much coverage on the Cruiserio.

    Ape…..I am with you, they do nothing but screw around, they deserved nothing. I wish I have their life though :)


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