Video CAR Magazine Tests MP4-12C Against Its Rivals

Following the story we posted last week, CAR Magazine has released the official results of their story McLaren MP4-12C against its rivals.

The rivals included the Ferrari 458 Italia, Porsche 911 GT2 RS, Lamborghini Gallardo Performante, Audi R8 V10 and Mercedes SLS AMG.

The results are quite interesting in the end. Up to you to share a verdict with us after watching the video.

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  1. obviously a track tuned ferrari will beat anything by a huge margin. I doubt any customer production ferrari can beat the macca around any track.

  2. I dont believe anything ferrari does anymore, they pump out more propaganda than my retarded government lol. However why cant you turn everything off in the Mclaren, that is odd for a company that throws its F1 racing in our face all the time.

    Such a mixed bag of cars, hardtops/spyder, road/stripped out track, road & track tyres, 4wheel drive vs 2, front & mid engine.

    In the end the one thing that would put me off a 458 is the indicators on the steering wheel. The McLaren is great but not quite me styling wise, merc is just a cramped barge with nice doors, Ugly stripped out GT2 no thanks, Id have a regular Lp560 Spyder over this Lambo, R8 looks better as a Spyder esp in white. Just goes to show theres more to a supercar than going fast on a track, which 99% of them never will.

    Im just thankfull i have a choice, to drool over, as theres no way im going to work my ass off, pay 40% tax, then use the £200,000.00 thats left to buy a ferrari that will depreciate a new Abarth 500 every year, even when its stored over winter haha! If i win the Lottery that will be different though i will have at least one and a yacht, as its a lot easier to spend/waste other peoples money :D now wheres my ticket…

  3. hahaha people who cant afford one of those cars should shut the f*** up and compare cars they can afford. @stigofthedump

  4. Says at the end of the video the Mclaren had suspension problems and has since been back and beat the ferrais time. Roll on friday and 5th gear! :D

    @m3320max I can afford them, ive owned plenty in the past, at least porsche and ferrari most from new. Theres just better things to spend my hard earned money on. And most of the people in this video cant afford them either so by your retarded logic they “should shut the fuck up and compare cars they can afford” and not make this comaprison video too… LOL

  5. That end part about the suspension issues seems a bit fishy. Surely when ben got out of the Mclaren he would not have said great car, good balance and lots of fun if the hydraulics were faulty. Especially as it uses a hydraulic Z bar setup any issue would have upset the ride, cornering and braking stability severly(made it handle like a dog).

    More like we got beat by a ferrari which is a year older, heavier and less powerful. Lets up the power/change the setup and turn the electronics off(which a normal owner cant do) and stick in our driver. Maybe Ferrari, Lambo, Porsche should suddenly say the car was not working properly and go back with their chief test driver.

    If there was a problem, reliable car then the mclaren!

    That aside all I can say how great it is we live at a time with such epic choice of cars! Now just got to sell my kidneys to buy one.

  6. I’ll wait to see more tests before a make my mind. But for now I’ll choose Ferrari. Looks better, sounds better, and you can turn off every electronic helper, which means FUN!!!

  7. 1:28:00 on Pirelli Corsa! Driven by factory test driver! Only 0,3s faster. No way the McLaren is faster. Let’s put Pirelli Corsa on the 458 and see what the time would be. Big fail for McLaren! Huge fail! Shame on you!

  8. Sure the McLaren had better tyres to beat he 458’s time, but did the ferrari have more power than it should have? Going on ferrari’s past track record (no punn intended) it will be tuned. We will never know for sure. Also the porsche had better tyres… this whole test is full of different cars, but its cool to watch. :D

  9. Ferrari guys, the right choise! I’m happy for the result, I really love 458. I’m curious to see more tests done by other magazines.
    Impressive result also for the Lamborghini, the oldest project of the lot, but nevertheless still one of the best.


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