Video Be The One - Porsche 993 RS 964 RS

Combine a wonderful scenery, two epic Porsche 911s and a soundtrack by Moby. The end result? The clip shown below. Another great example of GT spirit.

Two Porsche 911s are playing the main roles in this clip. These are a Porsche 993 RS and 964 RS. The 993 RS followed in the tradition of earlier ‘Renn Sport’ models by shedding over 100kg in weight off the standard 993 Carrera and was the first Porsche to use the new 3.8 liter engine with an impressive 300bhp. The 964 RS is a super-lightweight, rear-wheel-drive 911 limited to a small number in the US. The rear-mounted six-cylinder engine produces 260hp at 6,100rpm and a torque of 312Nm at 4,800rpm.

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  1. 3.8l 300hp engine debuted in the 964 RS 3.8 (that was the last RS version made of the 964). So 993 was NOT the first with that engine.
    964RS in any form was never imported into the US. Just a stripped version of the carrera2 with a RS badge on named RS America. this version has nothing in common with a real RS.


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