Exotic Cars in Flooded Singapore Garage

Torrential rain led to flash floods occurring in the Orchard Road area yesterday. A few millions of dollars went down the drain when luxury super cars were damaged after being submerged in the basement 3 carpark of St Regis Residences at Tanglin Road.

Heavy rains also damaged a local mall, so no retail therapy either.

Check the pictures, they speak for themselves. What a sad sight…

[Via Zerotohundred]

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  1. They can all be repaired. I don’t see anything beyond hope. The real issue is that the parking garage wasn’t built to deter area flooding. If you want the highest caliber guest, you have invest in sound architecture to accommodate them…and their cars.

  2. Most of the cars should still be fine, the others will just have a few thousand dollars of water damage repair, which if you can afford these cars, you can definitely afford these repairs

  3. Yeah BEE the iconic and race proven Porsche GT3RS can look a lot like a beetle to an ignorant half blind person. If you need help identifying the other cars I’d be happy to help you.


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