Porsche 998

With the official release of the next generation Porsche 911, also known as 991, coming closer the engineers have confirmed to Autoblog.com that the new model will offer KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) as standard and be part of the entire model range.

The KERS will recoup energy during braking and store it in a sophisticated dedicated flywheel system. All this of course to meet environmental demands and bring fuel efficiency to new levels. The next-generation 911 will also feature a longer wheelbase than the current model to accommodate the new flywheel system which will be placed between the gearbox and the engine.


  1. I agree with dave.

    and it’s not just happening with Porsche. all cars.

    golf hatch back, supposed to be a small car. its just huge now days.

    even the mini! its bigger than most sedans of the old days

  2. @Rick, I disagree. They could keep the car smaller, made it from aluminium, make it lighter and they wouldn’t need KERS to meet environmental demands.

  3. Will it have an overtaking button like the F1 cars? That would be a nice feature to have when running from the cops.

  4. They should just put the 997 twin turbo motor in the cayman, widen it a little and give it AWD…Then do an RS version with RWD. This would beat the 911 and make the younger model the lead, while still offering the 911 in the line up, just not as the top dog. Love the 911 but need something faster to put the Corvette to sleep for the foreseeable future and the 911 just does not cut the cheese anymore. Or better yet dump that shameless “family” car and the useless SUV and develop a new car to destroy Ferrari and Corvette!!! Flywheel idea is just silly and a waste of R/D money.

  5. Shawn, being a former VW enthusiast I agree, but also feel the Golf GTI has not been a competitive car for a long time. VW’s formula of building a car that looks fast but is not sucks, so I switched to Subaru. Really miss my VW – They do look great and the interior is real nice. But they got big and heavy. Subaru give AWD at no additional cost and what a great car, sadly enough they ruined a big chunk of their line up with the super size mentality and ugly lines.


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